Cash Out with Winner - Giving you the power to decide!

One more game to go on your accumulator? Starting to worry that you've made the wrong selection?
Then worry no more as Cash Out has arrived at Winner!

Here's how to cash out at Winner:

1. Via the open bet section of the bet slip on the homepage.

2. Under the Bet List section in My Account

Once clicking cash out you will be asked for confirmation before the system calculates the payout.

When the bet is settled you will see a confirmed time and date of the cashed out bet.

How do I "Cash Out" my bet?

1. Place a single or multiple bet.

2. Go to your Open Bets / Bet List.

3. Here you will find your "Cash Out" value.

It couldn't be any easier!

What is Cash Out?

Cash Out allows you to settle your bet before the event on which your bet was struck has ended.

If your selection is doing well in the event, then you may be able to cash out for a profit.

If your selection is not doing as well as you had expected then you can cash out to minimize the losses that a losing selection may bring.

How can I see if Cash Out is available?

When cash out is available on the market, you will see a cash out button next to your chosen market in your Open Bets history. You can find your Open Bets using the link on the homepage of the website or by using the main menu on mobile.

When is Cash Out available?

Cash out is subject to certain criteria such as the event and selections being available. This means that there will be occasions when cash out will become unavailable, this might happen after you have clicked the cash out button.

Cash out is more likely to be unavailable when attempting to cash out in-play bets, where the event, market or selections may be suspended due to a particular occurrence in the event. For example, if a goal is scored during a football match, there is a short period when the markets within that match are suspended, whilst the new odds are formed. During this period of suspension, cash out will be unavailable.

Cash out will be unavailable for accumulators if all or any of the legs within the bet is suspended.

Cash out will not be available for any bet which contributes towards a wagering bonus.

If cash out becomes unavailable before the cash out transaction was completed, the original bet will stand and will be settled at event completion at the odds taken when the bet was struck.

What Sports and markets can I Cash Out on?

Cash Out is currently available on selected Football & Tennis per-match and in-play markets. Cash out will also be available for many bet types, including singles and multiple bets e.g. accumulators. The quickest way to check if your bet can be cashed out is to simply check your open bets for the cash out button.